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CLOCS - Looking out for vulnerable road users

Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) – looking out for vulnerable road users provides a framework that enables ownership in managing road risk which can be adhered to in a consistent way by fleet operators.

Fri 20th Nov 2015

Beginner’s Guide to Racing

This Guide was developed by Cycling Victoria to assist new riders who are new to the sport of cycling.

Wed 17th Jul 2013

Club Toolkit: Attracting and Retaining Women and Girls

The Club Toolkit was developed across 2012 and 2013 by the Women and Girl’s Commission. It references best practice used by Victorian cycling clubs and also uses research and tips from the UK Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation.

Wed 17th Jul 2013

LOOK! Safety Campaign

Developed by New York City's Department of Transport, this campaign combines innovative street markings, ads, and videos to send a life-saving message, reminding motorists and pedestrians to be alert, whether on foot or behind the wheel.

Wed 3rd Oct 2012

Bike Safety Campaign: Canadian Automobile Association

The Bike Safety Campaign was developed by the Canadian Automobile Association and Share the Road Coalition in 2012. It provides a suite of bike safety resources targetting both drivers and bicycle riders.

Wed 12th Sep 2012

Bike Like a New Yorker

This billboard and print campaign was developed for Transportation Alternatives by the agency Mother NY. The campaign targets drivers and riders calling attention to cyclists in the city. 

Thu 6th Sep 2012

A Handbook for Bicycle Riders

In 2009 the NSW Government published A handbook for bicycle riders. The handbook includes tips on road safety, bicycle maintenance, road rules and the legal aspects of riding a bicycle.

Wed 5th Sep 2012

Streets for People: Compendium for South Australian Practice

The Compendium of South Australian Practice aims to assist professionals and authorities grappling with the dilemmas of creating people-friendly streets whilst meeting the requirements of national standards and regulations applicable to streets and roads.

Fri 31st Aug 2012

Making Bicycling and Walking a Norm for Transportation Agencies: Best Practices for Bicycle and Pede

In August 2012 the League of American Bicyclists published a best practice guide for Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees

Fri 31st Aug 2012

Look Before Opening

Look Before Opening is an initiative to change driver habits by reminding them to double check for bikes before they open the car door.

Fri 31st Aug 2012