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Achieving Multimodal Networks

This publication is intended to be a resource for practitioners seeking to build multimodal transportation networks. It highlights ways that planners and designers can apply the design flexibility found in current national design guidance to address common roadway design challenges and barriers. It focuses on reducing multimodal conflicts and achieving connected networks so that walking and bicycling are safe, comfortable, and attractive options for people of all ages and abilities.

Fri 9th Sep 2016

Business bicycle fleet guide

This guide explores how organisations can prepare for more of their staff (and visitors) arriving by bicycle, how to run a successful bicycle fleet, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Fri 26th Aug 2016

Active Cities: Designed to Move

This guide book provides a blueprint for creating active cities, whatever their size and wherever in the world they may be.

Fri 2nd Oct 2015

Active Travel Guidance for Sports Stadia

This guidance aims to help people connected with sports club to be more physically active by encouraging them to adopt active modes of transport such as walking and cycling when they visit stadiums and facilities. 

Thu 31st Jul 2014

Segment: Segmented marketing for energy efficient transport

"Segment" is a 3 year project persuading people to change their behaviour and adopt more energy efficient forms of transport.

Mon 23rd Dec 2013

Cycling Embassy of Denmark - Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012

Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012 is not intended to be a summary of Danish road standards, but to provide inspiration and motivation for creating more and safer bicycle traffic – in Denmark as well as the rest of the world.

Mon 16th Dec 2013

Advancing Transportation and Health
Approaches from the Federal Safe Routes to School Program that offer broad application

The US passed legislation in 2005 that established the national Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program.  This program supports projects to improve safety for walking and bicycling routes to school and to encourage children and families to travel to and from school using these modes.  This report looks at nine topics that relate to the SRTS program and describes ways in which the Federal SRTS program was successful in these efforts as well as ways in which these recommendations may be useful for other organizations tasked with integrating transportation and health.

Sun 8th Dec 2013

Club Toolkit: Attracting and Retaining Women and Girls

The Club Toolkit was developed across 2012 and 2013 by the Women and Girl’s Commission. It references best practice used by Victorian cycling clubs and also uses research and tips from the UK Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation.

Wed 17th Jul 2013

Transport for London Cycle Stories

In June 2012 Transport for London published five videos profiling London bicycle riders. The videos form part of the 'Catch Up with the Bicycle' behaviour change campaign which encourages Londoners to use bicycles for transport. 

Wed 19th Sep 2012

Bike Like a New Yorker

This billboard and print campaign was developed for Transportation Alternatives by the agency Mother NY. The campaign targets drivers and riders calling attention to cyclists in the city. 

Thu 6th Sep 2012