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Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy

The Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy was developed by Planning & Infrastructure in consultation with the City of Newcastle, key NSW Government agencies and the community.  The strategy does not point to a single solution to renew the city centre, but focuses instead on a number of integrated initiatives that could stimulate positive change.

Fri 7th Mar 2014

Development Control Plan 2012

In December 2012 the City of Sydney adopted a new Development Control Plan (DCP). The Plan contains provisions for managing the transport and parking needs of the city so that the environmental and economic impacts of private car use can be managed. The provisions also encourage walking, cycling, public transport and carsharing. A detailed table provides bicycle parking rates for different development types.

Mon 31st Dec 2012

Our Cities, Our Future - A National Urban Policy

In May 2011, the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport released Our Cities, Our Future. The National Urban Policy clearly identifies that active travel and public transport are key factors in improving the productivity, sustainability and liveability of Australian cities.

Wed 22nd Jun 2011

Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy

This 2007 strategy is an excellent example of sustainable planning and design towards an improved transport future for the City of Ryde. The document is a strategic plan integrating transport options with land use planning requirements. It provides a series of actions and recommendations, structured around a city-wide approach.

Thu 16th Sep 2010

Melbourne 2030: Planning for sustainable growth

Melbourne 2030 is the Victorian Government’s planning blueprint to manage Melbourne’s growth towards 2030. Melbourne is forecast to add 1 million new residents by 2030 and this plan commits to developing a more compact, sustainable city. Reducing car use through the encouragement of cycling is central to this objective.

Thu 16th Sep 2010