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Draft Parramatta Rd Urban Renewal Strategy

The aims of the draft Strategy are to increase the quantity and diversity of housing, expand transport choices, grow the number of job opportunities in Western Sydney and improve liveability.

Tue 25th Nov 2014

Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy

The Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy was developed by Planning & Infrastructure in consultation with the City of Newcastle, key NSW Government agencies and the community.  The strategy does not point to a single solution to renew the city centre, but focuses instead on a number of integrated initiatives that could stimulate positive change.

Fri 7th Mar 2014

Plan Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy Released

In October 2013 the Victorian Government released Plan Melbourne which aims to provide a vision for the city to 2050Plan Melbourne addresses infrastructure, housing, employment and environmental challenges with an integrated approach to planning and development that includes land use, transport, and social and community infrastructure.

Mon 21st Oct 2013

Development Control Plan 2012

In December 2012 the City of Sydney adopted a new Development Control Plan (DCP). The Plan contains provisions for managing the transport and parking needs of the city so that the environmental and economic impacts of private car use can be managed. The provisions also encourage walking, cycling, public transport and carsharing. A detailed table provides bicycle parking rates for different development types.

Mon 31st Dec 2012

Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport: draft report for discussion

The draft report explores how the Australian Government can work with other governments, business and the community to encourage and support walking and riding as part of the transport systems in Australia's cities and towns. The Department of Infrastructure and Transport is seeking feedback on the report which will guide the Department's policy development process. Submissions are open until 5pm, 31 January 2013.

Tue 9th Oct 2012

Shared Zones

These documents aim to assist road safety practitioners in the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and in local councils to assess, design and implement Shared Zone schemes on NSW roads.

Wed 15th Aug 2012

Cycle Plan 2029

The plan proposes to make Perth a cycle-friendly city through development of a strategic cycle network which includes key north-south and east-west cycle routes.

Mon 6th Aug 2012

South East Queensland Active Trails Strategy

The South East Queensland Active Trails Strategy was published in 2007. The strategy aims to inform and guide future investment in recreation trail planning, development and management.

Tue 22nd May 2012

Connecting our City; Transport Strategies and Actions

In March 2012 the City of Sydney released a framework for action to improve transport and access in the City. The report provides detailed transport statistics.

Thu 19th Apr 2012

City of Melbourne Transport Strategy

The strategy has six key directions which represent the most important aspects of this strategy and outline the areas in which the City of Melbourne’s advocacy and actions will be concentrated.

Fri 16th Mar 2012