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Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

This strategy sets out the ambitions for walking and cycling in the UK and outlines the governance arrangements and resources required to deliver a substantial change to current travel behaviour.

Thu 24th Mar 2016

A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario

This report provides a global assessment of the potential for increasing travel by bicycle and the impact on energy use, CO2 emissions and a range of cost factors.

Thu 3rd Dec 2015

Making Walking and Cycling on Europe’s Roads Safer

The report looks at the safety of people walking and cycling in an effort to recommend steps that can be taken to improve the safety of Europe's roads.

Fri 12th Jun 2015

Draft Parramatta Rd Urban Renewal Strategy

The aims of the draft Strategy are to increase the quantity and diversity of housing, expand transport choices, grow the number of job opportunities in Western Sydney and improve liveability.

Tue 25th Nov 2014

Urban Transport Strategy

This report proposes draft principles for guiding the development of an Australian urban transport infrastructure strategy. The draft principles consider systems, economics, social, environmental and governance criteria.

Thu 1st May 2014

Tasmanian Positive Provisioning Policy for Cycling Infrastructure

The purpose of this policy is to help achieve cycling objectives by establishing a set of criteria for mainstreaming the provision and maintenance of transport-oriented cycle facilities as part of transport projects.

Thu 31st Oct 2013

Plan Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy Released

In October 2013 the Victorian Government released Plan Melbourne which aims to provide a vision for the city to 2050Plan Melbourne addresses infrastructure, housing, employment and environmental challenges with an integrated approach to planning and development that includes land use, transport, and social and community infrastructure.

Mon 21st Oct 2013

German National Cycling Plan 2020 (Published in English)

The German National Cycling Plan 2020 presents the German Federal Government's political commitment to promote cycling as part of sustainable transport development. The strategy addresses all levels of Government and works to promote cycling and incease the cycling mode share of trips up to 15% of all trips by 2020.

Fri 4th Oct 2013

Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport—supporting active travel in Australian communities

This report sets out how the Australian Government will work to increase the proportion of people who are walking and riding for short trips, and accessing public transport. 

Tue 30th Jul 2013

Smart Move: City of Adelaide’s Transport & Movement Strategy 2012-2022

Smart Move, The City of Adelaide’s Transport and Movement Strategy 2012-22 outlines Council’s desired transport and movement outcomes for the City, and the strategies to achieve these over the next 10 years. The Strategy aims to make the City more accessible by accommodating greater travel choices to meet the needs of all users. The Strategy’s key priority is to create a people-friendly City by improving conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transport.

Thu 15th Nov 2012