Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides

Sat 1st Jul 2017

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides contains information that relates to the planning, design and traffic management of cycling facilities and is sourced from Austroads Guides, primarily the Guide to Road Design, the Guide to Traffic Management and the Guide to Road Safety.

The document is intended as a guide for engineers, planners and designers involved in the planning, design, construction and management of cycling facilities. Throughout the document practitioners are referred to relevant Austroads Guides for additional information. The publication provides:

  • an overview of planning and traffic management considerations and cross‑references to other Austroads Guides and texts for further detailed information.
  • a summary of design guidance and criteria relating to on‑road and off‑road bicycle facilities together with a high level of cross‑referencing to the relevant Austroads Guides for further information.
  • information and cross-references on the provision for cyclists at structures, traffic control devices, construction and maintenance considerations and end-of-trip facilities.
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