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Evaluation of Lateral Clearance Distances Between Vehicles and Bicycles During Overtaking Maneuvers

The objective of this paper was to evaluate lateral clearance distances between vehicles and bicycles during overtaking maneuvers on rural roads.

Wed 13th Apr 2016

The results of observing cyclists’ behaviour while using mobile phones

This paper examines whether the prevalence of mobile phone use while cycling has changed over the past five years and what impact mobile phone use has on lateral position, i.e. distance from the front wheel to the curb.

Mon 12th Jan 2015

“Watch for Me NC” Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program

The purpose of this paper is to 1) describe the WFM intervention development; 2) assess program delivery through implementation records; and 3) identify successes and challenges in implementing behavioral interventions to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety. 

Thu 8th Jan 2015

Modeling the probability of a vehicle-bicycle hit-and-run

This study aimed to identify significant predictors of a hit-and-run, the results of which can potentially inform deterrence interventions for this type of crime.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

Cycle regulations review

This study gathers and reviews evidence from a wide variety of sources on the forces and pressures influencing pedal cycle construction, sale and use in Great Britain.  The report provides the Department for Transport with costed, practical and appropriate options for legislative change. 

Mon 3rd Nov 2014

Testing the behavioral and social-cognitive effects of an adolescent bicycle safety education progra

In this study, the "traffic informer program" – designed to promote safe traffic behavior in the pre-driver population – was experimentally evaluated, with a specific focus on bicycle use. 

Tue 30th Sep 2014

Transport cyclists and road rules: what influences the decisions they make?

To determine the level of adherence by transport cyclists to road rules in traffic situations and their reasons for non-adherence.

Fri 19th Sep 2014

Analysis of Red-Light Running Behaviors of Bicycle Riders at Signalized Bicycle Crossing Facilities

The primary objective of this study is to analyze the characteristics of red-light running behaviors of electric bicycles and conventional bicycles at signalized bicycle crossing facilities. 

Mon 18th Aug 2014

How Communities are Paying for Innovative On-Street Bicycle Infrastructure

This report provides transportation officials and advocates examples of how protected bike lanes are being paid for in the United States, in order to give “permission by example” to other communities.

Wed 25th Jun 2014

Safety in numbers? Investigating driver behaviour, knowledge and attitudes towards cyclists

This study tested whether as more people cycle, more drivers will also be cyclists and therefore will give greater consideration to cyclists when driving.  This theory was tested by looking at self-reported behaviour, attitudes and knowledge in relation to cycling.

Thu 10th Apr 2014