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Improving Livability Using Green and Active Modes

This research looks at improving livability through green and active modes by conducting a a traffic stress level analysis of transit, bicycle, and pedestrian access and mobility.

Wed 12th Jul 2017

Urban Sanity: Understanding Urban Mental Health Impacts and How to Create Saner, Happier Cities

This report examines how urban living affects residents' mental health and happiness, and ways to create saner, happier cities.

Fri 21st Apr 2017

Estimating Current and Potential Bicycle Use for Statewide Planning

This paper describes a geographic information system–based analysis that categorizes state-owned highways across Vermont on the basis of potential bicycle use.

Thu 9th Mar 2017

Health-Related Life Choices

This chapter makes a review of health behavior and health-related quality of life with respect to health lifestyle habits, health promotion activities, active and non-active travel behavior, park usage, residential environment, and urban infrastructure.

Wed 15th Feb 2017

Network Connectivity for Low-Stress Bicycling

This paper describes the development of methods to visualize and to analyze the lack of connectivity in a low-stress bicycling network.

Sat 11th Feb 2017

Evaluating Return: A Benefit-Cost Calculator for Active Transport Projects

The tool presented in this paper is designed to meet the need for an effective method of assessing the benefit-cost ratio of active transport projects and address the shortcomings of existing assessment techniques.

Thu 9th Feb 2017

Estimating Current and Potential Bicycle Use for Statewide Planning

This methodology allows a planning agency to make decisions on the basis of statewide information and avoids the costs of a traditional travel demand model.

Wed 8th Feb 2017

Exploring the synergistic economic benefit of enhancing neighbourhood bikeability and public transit

This study aims to assess the property value impact of neighbourhood bikeability, transit accessibility, and their synergistic effect by analysing the single-family and condominium property sale transactions during 2010–2012 in Austin, Texas, USA.

Wed 8th Feb 2017

Tourism, Public Transport and Sustainable Mobility

This book offers a comprehensive global examination of the relationship between public transport and tourism as well as exploring other sustainable transport modes.

Wed 8th Feb 2017

Growing from incipient to potentially large cycle networks

This paper proposes a practice-ready method to be implemented for screening the existing road network to potentially rearrange the existing carriageway and accommodate a cycling network in urban areas with such characteristics.

Thu 19th Jan 2017